Katys Summer Challenge before signs!

hey girls! so i decided to make some signs for our before photos (will make after ones later on too) one is  a mirrored version (so if you are taking your picture in a mirror) and one is regular (if someone else is taking the pic for you.  So excited for tomorrows start date! good luck girls lets rock this!! xxKHSC

KHSCmirrori also decided to make up a cover page for the challenge program as well since there isn’t one.  🙂



My mini home gym

mini home gymHey girls! I’ve seen a lot of you posting about what is needed for an at home gym, or looking for some home organization ideas so i thought why not do a post on my mini home gym that i put together for tiu workouts. Basically my tone it up workout nook! These are the basic necessities i think every tone it up girl should have in their home. Best part is you can find most of these items at target or home good stores! hope this give you girls an idea of what you may need to start your very own mini home gym!

IMG_25341. Free Weights if you want Karena’s arms you know you better have some free weights on hand! Id say free weights are number one for a home gym especially with tiu workouts they take up such little space & are a necessity for fine toning. The best part is you don’t need a full weight rack to get results! 5-10lb weights are perfect and weights are charged by the pound so hey the less you lift the cheaper it is haha ok ok thats not really the way you want to look at it for picking out your weights. With all weights start with whats comfortable but still challenges you for beginners 5 lbs is perfect! if thats too heavy go lower.. remember you won’t just be using these weights in one movement then a break~ you’ll usually have them in your hands for the entire workout so choose wisely plus you can always grab a heavier weight during certain moves if the lighter one isn’t challenging enough. Personally i prefer the rubber weights for fine toning because they feel a lot nicer in your hands when you’re using the same ones for full workouts.


2.  kettlebell these little guys seem to be Katrina’s favourite and i mean she is kettle bell certified! Kettlebells are used to combine cardiovascular, strength and flexibility training all in one! The best thing about kettle bells is allows you to train muscles you probably aren’t use to training in your normal day to day exercise routine. So why not switch it up?!?! They say not to go too light when picking out your kettle bell because you won’t achieve the full benefits from swinging it around. So try to find something not too heavy or too light but something that will still challenge you~ remember you want to keep proper form and not injure yourself!   Find out what weight works for you to start off with ~ sneak down an aisle and test it out in stores- you know you’ll thank yourself later lol

1370670.jpg-220a82514d68282c6f9e8016bcc4fc4de91b5f24-optim-460x2963. Resistance bands if you purchased the new Beachbabe DVD then you know resistance bands are needed ( Karena did say the tone it up store should be carrying their own one soon – which is exciting!) They are super light which makes these babies the BEST equipment to travel with! They also come in Light, Medium, Heavy and Heavy duty resistance! These are great to have at home because you can buy attachment pieces that go slid into your door frame and you can use for a row, pull down etc exercises and best part these babies don’t cost much at all- like these ones in the pic shown can be found at walmart for 12$!

IMG_25364. Exercise Ball these guys help out with building core stability and strengthen your back and spine, posture and muscle (some people even use em as office chairs!) a new video using this was added to the Beachbabe DVD3 which i have yet to try out but looks like fun and definitely challenging. I will admit i don’t use this guy too often but seeing the benefits they supply its def time to start rotating into my fitness routine! 

IMG_25275. Yoga mat these are great to have for adding padding and support while practising yoga and are also great to use when stretching.  Their are many different type of yoga mats, some offer absorption features so when you are sweating you aren’t sliding all over the mat while trying to hold your poses. So its best to do research on what type of mat you are looking for and for what purpose you are trying to use it for. Hot yoga and daily yoga practises will sometimes need to have different needs from the mats. Same with beginner to intermediate yogis out there!

blocks6. Yoga blocks these little gems aren’t necessary for everyone but for beginners like myself or those of us with a tummy that gets in the way of holding/ getting into positions this aids in helping us achieve better form and prevent injuries. if you don’t have yoga blocks you can always use a heavy duty firm book in its place to help bring the ground to you. Im by no means flexible so when i discovered these gems they def helped me out a lot (as seen in photograph)

IMG_25327. Straps so speaking of not being flexible, straps are great in helping aid in holding stretches. If you are straining other parts of your body while trying to stretch a certain area that can cause injuries and improper stretches. So these little guys are perfect to help you get a proper stretch in and again for those of us with a tummy (or inflexible) this helps in extending our arms in our reach. There are great youtube videos that show you how to use them properly

IMG_25238. Foam roller this beauty is my holy grail when it comes to fitness equipment! i suffer from tight muscles, back & It band issues so this has been pretty much my go to lover when I’m in pain! Foam rollers basically give you a deep massage on your muscles. They are amazing and i won’t lie when doing certain moves can hurt but in the best kinda hurt possible because when you are done you feel so relaxed and like you are floating on air haha. K&K recently did a foam roller stretch routine which i love and learned new movements. You can really help those muscles in your shoulder blades, arms, back legs get a deep massage and loosen em up in your very own home! I don’t know what id do without mine!

IMG_2539and lastly STORAGE!!! this guy is probably my fav basket in my house and has multiple uses but holding my fitness essentials is so practical and convenient, You can just toss everything in there all your equipment (well id recommend gently putting your weights away so you don’t damage the basket duh lol) but it makes everything clutter free and so easy to put away and all your workout gear is all in one spot. This basket is easily tucked into a corner in any room and looks adorable. There is even a chalkboard label attached to the front if you want to label it ! I bought this gem at target and I’m obsessed ! i defiantly think this storage basket is every girls at home dream fitness organization ! and it holds a lot!

Hope you girls enjoyed this little break down of what have at home in my mini gym! and tag me (@kandisfit) in your pics!! I would love to see what you girls have came up with for your home gym or if you ended up picking up my fav basket! everything you saw pictured was picked up from either target or home goods! you’d be surprised how many fitness stuff there is at home good stores now! happy shopping & happy organizing

xx Kandis

Tiu Fitness Planner Stickers!!!

hey girls! so just a quick post because as requested i made tone it up themed stickers for all you tiu planner addicts out there! They include bootycalls, fine toning, weekly schedule and more! hope you all enjoy them!

 you can either print on normal paper~ cut and use glue or double sided tape or ~you can print onto sticker/label paper- found at your office supply store! 

bootycall and fine toningtone it up stickers


*some images are taken off google and are own to their rightful owners*

Miles Countdown Charts !!!

Figure this would be the easiest way for all you babes to print out the miles charts i made. I can’t believe this is now going on 2 years since i first started making these! Im so happy many of you enjoy them and its always fun coming up with new backgrounds and ideas for the count down. This year i even added 200 mile charts! (if you need higher just print out & combine 100 & 150 charts)

Heres a little quick break down of what counts of miles directly from toneitup.com ……

What counts as ‘MILES’? Any cardio activity like jogging, running, biking, swimming, dancing, jump roping and any additional movement you add to your day that makes you glow! By definition, cardio means an exercise that elevates your heart rate and keeps it there for a sustained period of time. Toning workouts, while essential, do not count towards your cardio challenge. We want you to complete both toning & cardio every day to maximize your results and get you to your goals faster.

HIIT workouts, however, do count towards your miles! When you complete a HIIT routine from your Beach Babe DVD, count every 10 minutes as 1 mile!

What about ‘off days’ or ‘rest days’? We still challenge you to get moving for an active rest day ~ go for a walk, a bike ride or take a yoga class. This way, your daily workout is part of your routine and lifestyle. Plus, you’ll be TONING IT UP every day 🙂

Biking: Divide your miles by 3. ex. 9 miles = 3 miles
Swimming: multiply by 3! ex. 1 mile swim = 3 miles
Beach Babe DVD: 40 minute HIIT = 4 miles!
Don’t go crazy trying to figure out the miles… as a general rule, about 10 minutes of intense cardio= 1 mile 😉

*** Do not ‘run’ your miles every day. Remember to mix in spin class, boxing, biking, stairs, elliptical

Here are your charts to save & use on your phone or print out to check off those miles!

100bysummer2015  150bysummer2015200bysummer

xx Kandis

My Life Planner Stickers

A lot of you liked my “stickers” and i say it that way because i use regular paper and just either use glue or double sided tape on the backs lol but! you can use sticker paper to print everything out if you want!! All images shown are own to their right full owners – i just used google to find the images- resize, change colours, make some my own etc… you can make your own stickers as well all i did was google how to do so! its super easy and fun!! So I’ve decided to share with all of you the ones I’ve put together for you girls to use ~hope you enjoy!  Weekend Stickers Summer Stickers 1 To do stickers Date Stickers

puppy stickers

xx Kandis ps… heres a BONUS printable for those who don’t have their own planner or its the perfect way to make some mock up schedules for the week! heres a little break down of it- the heart check mark at the top is for meta D (or you can use it as something else)  and the pill check mark is to make sure you take your pills/vitamins – just check off when completed!. Then follows your weekly meal plan- i included meal 6 incase post dinner noms! lol Then there is a place to log your workouts for the day and lastly the bottom is blank for daily pm challenges or to dos or reminders! weekly planner

Mermaid Dash 5K

hey girls! so the last challenge i came up with doing a virtual 5K and I’ve decided to put together one for the FIRST DAY OF SUMMER June, 21, 2015! What better way for all us mermaids to do Sunday Runday together!!!

so what does that mean? well it means that girls from all over the word can print out and participate in a run together. We may not be in the same place physically but we are all together in heart when we run! This is a FREE run for FUN! speaking of – you don’t have to RUN the 5k! so how amazing is that for us babes who aren’t able to run or just aren’t comfortable- all that matters is you get those miles in!


1:  Post on your social media sites NOW that you are IN and encourage others to join in as well! Use the hashtag #MermaidDash5k so we can all find each other!

2: Print the bib off bellow and cut around black line & use safety pins to pin to your shirt (you can also use tape on the paper so it makes it stronger)

3. What counts as miles? Run, Walk, Jog, Swim, Bike, Dance your way to completing a 5K! it truly doesn’t matter what exercise that you choose or where you complete it indoors or outside -just make sure it all adds up to a 5K

4. Optional ~Rock some mermaid gear or have a meet up to complete it with other Mermaids (or Mermans, Merkids or Merdogs )

5. HAVE FUN & make sure when you complete your run on June 21,2015 to take pics!! Don’t worry about the times on the 21st to complete it~ you’ll have ALL DAY to complete the 5k on your own time! Don’t forget to post pics on social media as your check in & use our hashtag! (also tag me on instagram- @kandisfit so i can see them swell)

** note** there are no medals or bibs sent out. this is just a fun FREE 5K for us all to do together **

Hers your bib! we all have the same number – 621 – which stands for JUNE 21 🙂 first day of summer!!

Mermaid Dash

xx Kandis