Miles Countdown Charts !!!

Figure this would be the easiest way for all you babes to print out the miles charts i made. I can’t believe this is now going on 2 years since i first started making these! Im so happy many of you enjoy them and its always fun coming up with new backgrounds and ideas for the count down. This year i even added 200 mile charts! (if you need higher just print out & combine 100 & 150 charts)

Heres a little quick break down of what counts of miles directly from ……

What counts as ‘MILES’? Any cardio activity like jogging, running, biking, swimming, dancing, jump roping and any additional movement you add to your day that makes you glow! By definition, cardio means an exercise that elevates your heart rate and keeps it there for a sustained period of time. Toning workouts, while essential, do not count towards your cardio challenge. We want you to complete both toning & cardio every day to maximize your results and get you to your goals faster.

HIIT workouts, however, do count towards your miles! When you complete a HIIT routine from your Beach Babe DVD, count every 10 minutes as 1 mile!

What about ‘off days’ or ‘rest days’? We still challenge you to get moving for an active rest day ~ go for a walk, a bike ride or take a yoga class. This way, your daily workout is part of your routine and lifestyle. Plus, you’ll be TONING IT UP every day 🙂

Biking: Divide your miles by 3. ex. 9 miles = 3 miles
Swimming: multiply by 3! ex. 1 mile swim = 3 miles
Beach Babe DVD: 40 minute HIIT = 4 miles!
Don’t go crazy trying to figure out the miles… as a general rule, about 10 minutes of intense cardio= 1 mile 😉

*** Do not ‘run’ your miles every day. Remember to mix in spin class, boxing, biking, stairs, elliptical

Here are your charts to save & use on your phone or print out to check off those miles!

100bysummer2015  150bysummer2015200bysummer

xx Kandis


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