Mermaid Dash 5K

hey girls! so the last challenge i came up with doing a virtual 5K and I’ve decided to put together one for the FIRST DAY OF SUMMER June, 21, 2015! What better way for all us mermaids to do Sunday Runday together!!!

so what does that mean? well it means that girls from all over the word can print out and participate in a run together. We may not be in the same place physically but we are all together in heart when we run! This is a FREE run for FUN! speaking of – you don’t have to RUN the 5k! so how amazing is that for us babes who aren’t able to run or just aren’t comfortable- all that matters is you get those miles in!


1:  Post on your social media sites NOW that you are IN and encourage others to join in as well! Use the hashtag #MermaidDash5k so we can all find each other!

2: Print the bib off bellow and cut around black line & use safety pins to pin to your shirt (you can also use tape on the paper so it makes it stronger)

3. What counts as miles? Run, Walk, Jog, Swim, Bike, Dance your way to completing a 5K! it truly doesn’t matter what exercise that you choose or where you complete it indoors or outside -just make sure it all adds up to a 5K

4. Optional ~Rock some mermaid gear or have a meet up to complete it with other Mermaids (or Mermans, Merkids or Merdogs )

5. HAVE FUN & make sure when you complete your run on June 21,2015 to take pics!! Don’t worry about the times on the 21st to complete it~ you’ll have ALL DAY to complete the 5k on your own time! Don’t forget to post pics on social media as your check in & use our hashtag! (also tag me on instagram- @kandisfit so i can see them swell)

** note** there are no medals or bibs sent out. this is just a fun FREE 5K for us all to do together **

Hers your bib! we all have the same number – 621 – which stands for JUNE 21 🙂 first day of summer!!

Mermaid Dash

xx Kandis


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