My Life Planner Stickers

A lot of you liked my “stickers” and i say it that way because i use regular paper and just either use glue or double sided tape on the backs lol but! you can use sticker paper to print everything out if you want!! All images shown are own to their right full owners – i just used google to find the images- resize, change colours, make some my own etc… you can make your own stickers as well all i did was google how to do so! its super easy and fun!! So I’ve decided to share with all of you the ones I’ve put together for you girls to use ~hope you enjoy!  Weekend Stickers Summer Stickers 1 To do stickers Date Stickers

puppy stickers

xx Kandis ps… heres a BONUS printable for those who don’t have their own planner or its the perfect way to make some mock up schedules for the week! heres a little break down of it- the heart check mark at the top is for meta D (or you can use it as something else)  and the pill check mark is to make sure you take your pills/vitamins – just check off when completed!. Then follows your weekly meal plan- i included meal 6 incase post dinner noms! lol Then there is a place to log your workouts for the day and lastly the bottom is blank for daily pm challenges or to dos or reminders! weekly planner


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